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Technology Center

Seago technology center will be complete in 2021. More than 2000 staffs can settle in this building and we will keep research and develop innovation high quality products for general public. 

Appearance Design

Appearance design. Through market research and analysis, we will keep constantly communicating with customers, Screening, and improving, until we get a good idea that adapts to the market and the consumer.

Structure Design

Structure design. On the basis of full understand of the product's functions, compliance to appearance design, reference to the size and form of various components, we determine the most reasonable structure design.

PCB Design

17+ years experience, PCB layout design, SI/PI/EMC analysis, PCB fabrication, SMT & PCB assembly, and parts sourcing. One-stop solution for various functions.

Tooling Workshop

With a group of experienced professional and technical personnel, the use of advanced CAD / CAM / CAE integration, processing technology, advanced mold processing. We can design and manufacture of a variety of different size, complexity and precision of the mold.

Automation Design

Make the production process more automated. To constantly improve products quality.